Writing A Personal Statement

One of the most important parts of a great CV is the personal statement, as this should enable potential recruiters to quickly identify if you are the right person for their vacancy.

If you view your CV as a marketing exercise then the statement would be the tag line, it should immediately grab the attention of anyone who reads it.

Unfortunately it is this important aspect that many people struggle with when creating their CV, it doesn’t have to be this way though as a truly brilliant personal statement needs only be between 50 and 200 words.

One of the main mistakes that people make is to have a one size fits all statement that they do not adapt for each job they apply for, no two jobs are the same so why would you assume your personal statement should be.

Before you begin it is important to read the job specification carefully to ensure that your attributes match the role for which you are applying and to make sure that this is reflected in the statement.

Whether you decide to right your statement in the first or third person doesn’t really matter as long as you stick to that format throughout, flitting between the two will make the statement look as if it regards two separate people and will look dreadful.

When writing your statement it is best to try and break it down in to three sections.

Part One: should describe who you are, specifically your education and work experience, this part can be expanded on as long as you don’t begin to ramble; remember, you have your cover letter for more in depth information.

Part Two: should explain your skill set and what it is you can offer your potential employers, go in to a little detail here of your past achievements, pick examples which have relevance to the role for which you are applying. This makes it easy for the recruiter to quickly verify that you have the relevant experience needed.

Part Three: should cover your career aims, specifically how you see both yourself and the role in questions evolving together for the benefit of the recruiting company.

Key points on writing a dynamic and interesting personal statement:

• Get straight to the point: avoid lengthy descriptions and make your testimonies punchy and informative.
• Keep it between 50 to 200 words maximum.
• If you have enough space, use 1.5 line spacing to make you statement easier to read.
• Match person and job specifications with well written copy.
• Read your profile out loud to ensure it reads naturally.
• Don’t mix first and third person sentences.

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