Why Online Recruitment Needs An Offline Touch

Online recruitment has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. For employers and hiring managers, it frees up time to focus on getting the new hire up to speed on the organisation and their role within it. 

The trouble is that these digital solutions can result in a cold onboarding process that deters key hires or senior talent. If all businesses are using this approach, what makes you different? Without a human element, you’re likely to see some candidates opt for those who offer a more bespoke experience.

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Here, we demonstrate why, even in the digital age, it’s important to apply an offline touch to your online recruitment.

Intimate industry knowledge

Online recruitment alone can’t follow the trends of a market. It won’t be able to identify roles that are increasing in desirability, nor will it be able to predict a shortage. While it can make it easier to reach your ideal candidate, it shouldn’t be used in isolation to determine a long-term hiring strategy.

By manually assessing each candidate, you or a talent partner can recommend ‘ideal’ candidates. Knowing exactly what each addition will bring, and therefore where you should next invest in personnel, is key to sustainable growth.

Next-level streamlining

Relying entirely on an online recruitment solution won’t lessen the amount of paperwork you’ll have to sift through. Anyone can apply to your roles and – on the surface at least – tick all the relevant boxes. Only upon closer inspection will it be apparent that their level of experience is insufficient, or that they’ll conflict with your office culture.

This is where you’ll need a Pioneering Person. At Net-Recruit, we’re able to apply industry expertise to separate the wheat from the chaff. Even by simply pairing online recruitment with call screening, you’ll notice the number of unnecessary interviews decrease.

An applicant tracking system that works

An applicant tracking system (ATS) allows organisations to segment desired talent into a pipeline. Here they can routinely interact with them and monitor their movements within the industry. All engagement can then be targeted, and future key hires can be primed ahead of time.

However, an ATS isn’t enough. With cultural considerations to make, you need Pioneering People to act as a bridge between offline and online. These individuals effectively create a hybrid recruitment process and ensure that the ATS is only monitoring those who align with your company values.

It’s this idea that led to the creation of our Pipe™ software – an intuitive ATS solution that works alongside people-driven campaigns. Users of our Pipe system are assigned a dedicated Net-Recruit account manager who (instead of hassling you) can be contacted through the platform at a time convenient to you.

Ultimately, recruitment is a people business – and it deserves the personal touch. So, if you’d be interested in a style of recruitment that provides convenience at no cost to experience, contact our team today. We’d be happy to show you how we work.

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