Why Christmas Is The Perfect Time To Start Thinking About A New Role

Candidates often shy away from switching careers as the nights draw in.

Preferring to rid the winter period of work-talk, they wait until after December to speak to recruiters. If only they knew the benefits of the alternative…

While most of us are winding down over the Christmas break, by focusing on your ambition throughout the holidays, you’re certain to hit the ground running come 2020.

Want to kick-start your career? Here’s how you can turn Christmas into the most constructive time of the year.


Reflect on past successes


While all the family gatherings are taking place and you’re being dragged from pillar to post, spare a thought for your own achievements.

Weigh them against your overall ambition and make a note of how far you’ve come in relation to your lifetime goals. It sounds self-indulgent, but every career move has value and quantifying it will educate your next one.

Ask yourself, what challenge would you like to tackle next? Does that line up with your ‘big picture’ plan? Is there an employer who offers that challenge with a means to overcome it?



Monitor the companies who are hiring


By compiling these dream employers, you’ll improve the conversation you have with a recruiter. You may not get placed with the brands you list, but you have every chance of being recognised by an almost identical competitor with all the same values – provided you stay ahead of the game.

For senior and executive positions, January marks the start of the hiring season. Missing the boat here by sending a late enquiry could harm your chances of relocating to an ideal employer throughout the new year.

Give the businesses you want to work for ample time to assess your application, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of moving onwards and upwards in your career.


Count your strengths, bridge your weaknesses


Research the roles you like the sound of. Identify the ‘must-haves’ of each that you are proficient in, and the desired experience you can easily describe in an interview.

Do the same for traits you don’t have. If familiar talents are coming up that you feel are lacking from your skill set, seek out opportunities in your current role to improve them.

In fact, this action ahead of an application might demonstrate a commitment to the role that other candidates haven’t been able to show.


Participate in ‘Seasons’ Meetings’ 


Christmas is often tied with business awards season, networking and staff parties. Such occasions are designed for employees to let their hair down and enjoy the festivities.

Not for you though, you savvy searcher. You’re using every opportunity to make new contacts and learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of those who have roles you crave.

Your family and friends can help in this area too. Offering relevant guidance (and some not so!), as well as the names of people you could connect with online and meet with to pick their brains.



Don’t compromise in 2020


Looking to take your career up a notch? We may have just the vacancy for you

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