Where is the oddest location you have had a telephone interview?

A recent survey of two thousand UK job hunters, conducted by Shortlister, has revealed some very odd locations where people have felt compelled to accept a telephone interview; these include in the bath, on the beach and in the gym changing room.

Although the majority of telephone interviews are carried out in either a bedroom or living room, the survey threw up some very unusual locations, such as, on a horse, on a roof, In the Tower of London and at the gym.

The fact that people are having to take calls when they are out and about is a consequence of many employers moving towards using recruitment consultancies and head hunters to contact passive candidates to fill their vacancies. With this type of recruiting, there is sometimes no choice but to call your candidates “out of hours”, and this will inevitably lead to candidates being contacted at inconvenient times of the day.

With more and more telephone interviews now being undertaken as a precursor to a main “face to face” interview, there will surely be many more odd places to add to this list before long.

Top Telephone Interview Locations:

Living Room – 29%
Bedroom – 25%
At Work – 18%
In The Bath – 9%
At a Car Park – 7%
At the Beach – 7%
At a Supermarket – 3%
In a Changing Room – 2%

Most Unusual Locations:

At the Wimbledon Tennis Championships
At the Tower of London
On a Roof
Riding a Horse
On a Stepper Machine
In a Soft Play Centre
In a First Aid Room
On the Toilet

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