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Army Recruitment Propaganda through the ages

19th Century

And a crown to drink his majesty’s health

Date Created/Published: circa 1800
Summary: Ten Guineas Bounty and a crown to drink his Majesty’s Health. Wanted to complete a company in His Majesty’s Fourth or King’s Own Regiment of Infantry……


[Image src]


To Arms! To Arms

Date Created/Published: 1862
Summary: Southern Army recruitment poster; Floyd County, Virginia; War of Northern Aggression.




20th Century

Destroy the mad brute

Date Created/Published: Dated ca 1917.
Summary: “DESTROY THIS MAD BRUTE – Enlist U.S. Army” is the caption of this World War I propaganda poster for enlistment in the US Army. A dribbling, moustached ape wielding a club bearing the German word “kultur” and wearing a pickelhaube helmet with the word “militarism” is walking onto the shore of America while holding a half-naked woman in his grasp (possibly meant to depict Liberty). This is a US version of an earlier British poster with the same image. 


destroy this mad brute ww2 army recruitment poster

If the cap fits you, join the army to-day

Date Created/Published: London : Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, 1915
Summary: Poster showing a military hat.

If the cap fits you army recruitment poster

Attention! … Canadian Grenadier Guards now recruiting

Date Created/Published: Montreal : Southam Press Limited, [between 1914 and 1918]
Summary: Poster shows two soldiers, in profile, standing at attention.

87th Overseas Battalion recruitment poster

The Second Artillery 1840-1917 needs 200 real men–Will you be one?

Date Created/Published: Philadelphia : Committee of Public Safety, Department of Military Service, [1917]
Summary: Poster is text only. Forms part of: Willard and Dorothy Straight Collection.
the second artillery needs 200 real men - army recruitment poster

21st Century

Become a modern day knight

Date Created/Published: 2007
Summary: Shows an Australian army sniper.

Australian Army Recruitment Poster

British Army Launches Controversial Recruitment Campaign

A british army soldier, one of thousands you may lose out to the proposed recruitment driveThe british army has today announced a controversial recruitment campaign with aims of recruiting 10,000 young british men and women whilst on the other hand laying off 5,300 serving soldiers. Army officials have admitted that the act of hiring whilst firing will definitely be seen as controversial but they insist the forces must be balanced and replenished with some fresh blood.

A decrease in numbers by 2020

Figures predict that by 2020 the British Armed Forces will  be down from a figure of 100,000 to 82,000. Brigadier Andrew Jackson, Director of Recruiting and Training, said: “No matter what it’s size the Army is always recruiting to ensure we have enough quality junior ranks and young officers to sustain the organisation and keep it ready for the challenges of the future.” [source]

Journey of a soldier

A new TV advert has been released alongside the campaign, the ad shows the different paths a british soldier could take along their journey in the armed forces.

It is understood that the redundancies are due to be issued on 18 June 2013 and they dispersed amongst personnel from across all ranks, not just senior staff.

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