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A Level results 2013 – the stats you need to know

As the day draws to a close and people begin to wind down for the evening, a large population of 18 year olds around the country will just be heading out to celebrate or in some cases to drown their sorrows. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be well aware that today was A-level results day in the UK. If you’re a fan of the social network twitter you will have noticed it was ablaze with tweets from students, colleges and even the odd celebrity well wisher.

Just incase you’ve missed todays events, here is a roundup of the key stats from the 2013 A Level results…

  • The overall A*-E pass rate has risen ever so slightly by 0.1%, with 98.1% of students achieving at least an E grade compared with 98% last year.
  • A record 385,910 students had accepted places by this morning
  • A total of 26.3% of entries scored an A or A* this year, this is down from 26.6% in 2012 when the pass rate at both grades fell for the first time in more than 20 years.
  • 22% of A* grades were in south-east while only 3% were in north-east
  • Biology, chemistry and physics accounted for 17.8% of all entries
  • In contrast to the above, young people are still turning their backs on modern languages with both French and German entries down again this year – although Spanish bucked the trend.

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