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Online Recruitment: Joining The Dots.

Changes in technology have drastically changed the recruitment industry.

And change is good. Particularly when it is as a direct result of user demand. Jobseekers browse, search and apply for jobs online and, as a result, employers have had to move to predominantly digital strategies in order to attract talent. Despite the traditional reluctance of the recruitment industry to innovate, some of its most recent fundamental changes are as a result of creative and reactionary responses to an inherently digital society.

When it comes to online recruitment, these are exciting times.

And it is the person-centric businesses, with a willingness to invest in processes that capitalise on these behaviours, who will be the winners in the short and long term. To put it simply, understanding how to make best use of technology reduces workload, frees up in-house teams and ultimately makes HR more streamlined, and effective.



It’s exactly what we have all been waiting for.

So, what are the changes you need to be aware of now and, most importantly, what do you need to do about them?

One key trend also reveals a worrying disparity. According to Jobvite, 43% of job seekers use a mobile device for job searches, but 59% of recruiters do not invest in mobile career websites. A recent study by Linkedin revealed that: “72% of job seekers visited a company website from their device (whilst) 45% have even applied for a position from their device”. These are important stats. Especially as, rather predictably, the number of candidates searching and even applying for jobs on their mobile is on the rise. Companies and recruiters will soon be left with no choice but to increase their mobile recruiting behaviours to match candidate demand. And those leveraging the power of mobile are already seeing the difference, with 14% noting a reduction in time-to-hire and 19% saying they have experienced a significant improvement in quantity of hires*.

So, the set-up is important, but what about the channels? Navigating the diverse and complex world of online recruitment can feel overwhelming. Even from a purely social perspective, where do you even start?

To target top talent, and maximise the opportunities that online recruitment brings, you need to build an arsenal. From Linkedin and Twitter to high quality job boards with carefully crafted SEO-friendly ads, an effective online recruitment campaign needs to join the dots.

So, think differently.

The labour market is fiercely competitive. It is time to think like a marketer. With so many communication channels bombarding potential jobseekers, recruiters must engage candidates like a brand would engage customers.The best recruiters are able to understand and manipulate the full mix of online recruitment channels to find and hire talent faster.

Relationships matter more than ever. But now they exist across a whole range of digital touchpoints.

Four years ago, the top source for quality hires was network referrals. Today, according to Linkedin’s Global Trends Report, it is job boards and social professional networks.

Highly digital, and highly targeted.

And this mirrors a growth in membership of sites like Linkedin, which rose from 100 to over 300 million in the last four years. Job boards have seen a similar upwards trend, with an increase from 20% to 25% active candidates.

The means to find and hire the right people have certainly changed. But the opportunities to facilitate online recruitment campaigns have improved as a result. We are now in a position to build meaningful relationships with the best quality candidates exactly where they are, 24/7.

And that is why setting your online recruitment campaign up right from the start is more important than ever.

To kick off your online recruitment campaign today check out our easy-to-use Campaign Builder, give our team a call, or why not follow us on Twitter? We are very social, after all.

*Jobvite 2015.



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