Recruitment stats for summer 2012

Evenbase a global digital recruitment group have released their quarterly recruitment report which reveals some interested facts…

The fact that caught our eye the most is that the average number of vacancies advertised has risen from 5.7 to 7.7 per business since the previous quarter, which is a welcoming increase considering the recent economic climate.

Another noteworthy fact is that 70% of all vacancies were advertised online which just adds even more fuel to the benefits of online recruitment fire.

However, despite the positive start, the report also highlights that 43% of jobseekers think that their job situation is worse than it was a year ago. One factor towards this downturn in attitude could be the fact that most companies aren’t focussing on growth, more so survival at the moment which in turn causes a lack of internal promotion prospects.

Interestingly for all the social media fans out there – job boards still remain businesses’ number one method for finding staff.

But that’s not all the findings, so be sure to check out the full recruitment report (.pdf download)

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