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Online Recruitment Software: Top 5 Most Desirable Features

Posted by Les Warburton on in Online Recruitment

It’s no secret that the UK Recruitment Industry is booming. Piggy backing on a strong UK economy, a recent study concluded that sales for the top 100 recruitment companies were up by more than 10% compared to the previous year.

Whilst business is booming, so is the demand for a solid Online Recruitment Software. The market is flooded with options when it comes to choosing the right software, so with this article we aim to provide an insight into some of the most desirable features.

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1. Applicant Tracking

In case, you missed the memo Spreadsheets are dead, that’s why finding a good Applicant Tracking System(ATS) is as important as ever. A good ATS will eradicate data entry from the hiring process, automatically storing C.V’s, cover letters and any relevant feedback.

The more advanced systems will also be optimised for mobile, allowing you to keep on top of things wherever you are on the train, on the treadmill or even out at the park.

Some  key features that separate the best ATS from the rest include:

  • Auto-responder emails to candidates
  • Reporting facilities
  • Exporting Facilities
  • Tracking Applications and making them searchable


2. Resume Management

In this game, Resumes are part of the foundations. Therefore, ensuring that they are collected, parsed and stored in an efficient manner is crucial.

Resume Management features to look out for include:

  • Importing from attachments
  • Parsing data from different document formats
  • Searching facilities
  • Duplicate Detection


3. Social Media Integration

It’s no secret that Social Media is here to stay and it’s ever prevalent in the recruitment industry, with some stats claiming that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job through a social network.

A good Online Recruitment System will allow you to connect to the most popular social networks such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn and auto-post new vacancies to a pool of potential candidates.

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4. Automation

Let’s face it we live in busy times! Most people go to work early and come home later than they’re supposed to. Therefore, we should jump on any opportunity to save time during the working day by automating those laborious and repetitive tasks which can be left in the capable hands of our trusted friend, the computer.

Some tasks that can be automated by an Online Recruitment Software include:

  • Archiving old applicant data
  • Email Placeholder Templates
  • Notifications
  • Auto-responders at crucial workflow events

5. Interview Scheduling & Feedback

Organising your own life can be hard enough, never mind keeping track of someone else’s! A good Online Recruitment Software will allow you to integrate with the calendar app of your choice, enabling you to easily schedule upcoming interviews and send out those important reminders to candidates.

Once the interview has taken place, you’ll also need to collate feedback from your client and then pass that onto candidates. The best software options out there allow you to store this feedback alongside your candidate records keeping everything in one place.


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