Our favorite tweets of the week May 7th – May 11th, 2012

Here at Net Recruit we love twitter, we’re always reading and re-tweeting the tweets that we like! Therefore, we have decided to start a new series of weekly posts which will collate some of the best recruitment and hr related tweets that we have read during the week.

We aim to highlight lots of great and interesting content which we have discovered, most of it will be of interest to recruitment managers and job candidates alike.

Of course this is only a small collection of the stuff we read, so to keep up to date with all the cool links we discover, simply follow us @Net_RecruitUK


8 Ways to Maintain Top Productivity on a Hectic Schedulehttp://goo.gl/JPvLB


5 Deadly Hiring Sins: Part Ihttp://goo.gl/xLb4W


Even without adjusting for inflation, new graduates today will earn lower salaries than grads did in 2008http://goo.gl/0IJmC


The latest social media stats for 2012http://goo.gl/0nw4h


Is a lunch break or an afternoon nap more beneficial for workers?http://goo.gl/5D60e


How To Get a Job When You’re a Royal Princess – http://goo.gl/VkWrT


How the PayScale Index Fits Into Raise Planning  – http://htl.li/aBIgL


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