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Online Recruitment Explained

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Low cost, Hassle-free Online Recruitment

Are you looking to save time and money next time you hire online? At Net-Recruit we have spent years crafting and refining the perfect online recruitment campaign to deliver excellent candidates at the fraction of the cost of a traditional recruitment agency.

We also believe flexibility is key. That’s why we developed an easy to use Campaign Builder Tool within ‘Our Services’ allowing you to create the perfect online recruitment campaign, suited to your hiring requirements

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So, what exactly is online recruitment?

Well, simply put, online recruitment uses the power of the internet to match people to jobs. Fundamentally, it is about advertising vacancies on either job sites or corporate websites.

At this very basic level it is particularly effective at getting a high level of response. While it may generate hundreds more applications than traditional print advertising, simply attracting more candidates is only part of the job. This is where a company like Net-Recruit comes in.

We provide a number of services which can help our clients to find the perfect candidate with a minimum of fuss. All of the different ways in which we can assist you fill your vacancies can be found on Our Services page.

The Benefits Of Online Recruitment

Below are listed some of the reasons why online recruitment can become indispensable in your search for talent:

Reduced time-to-hire;

Online recruitment allows for immediate real-time interaction and 24×7 hiring/job search activity. Employers can post a job in as little as twenty minutes through Net-Recruit with no limits to ad size, and, start receiving CVs in response immediately.

The posting typically remains active for as long as twenty eight days and starts to receive applicant CVs immediately as job seekers come across it. This is in comparison to traditional methods where a newspaper ad may appear a week later and only for a day; or a recruiter has to wait till month-end to reap the benefits of an ad in a monthly industry or geography-specific publication.

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Hiring with online recruitment is 70% faster than traditional methods.

The recruiting cycle is sped up at every stage from posting, to receiving CVs to filtering to managing the contacts and workflow.

Reduced cost-of-hire;

The cost of posting jobs with sites such as Net-Recruit can be up to 90% lower than the costs of using traditional search firms or advertising methods.

Online postings can be substantially more cost-effective than the 10%-15% of annual salaries fee that many traditional recruiters charge, or the costs of newspaper or magazine publication ads for the same reach and time period.

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Wider reach for employers

Unlike traditional methods which are usually restricted by career level, geography, industry or other parameters online recruitment typically has a current and active talent databases that covers all career levels, industries and regions.

A huge amount of money is spent on marketing by the top job boards, which are used by Net-Recruit, ensuring the databases are diverse, updated regularly, relevant and of a high quality.

These boards ensure they are always prominent and top-of-mind with the relevant candidates and are visited by the target job seekers regularly.

Wider reach for candidates;

Candidates benefit immensely from the wider scope they gain through online job boards. They are able to access jobs in companies, industries and locations they may not otherwise have learned of and can apply immediately with the click of a mouse.

By posting their CVs to these job board databases they can be contacted by employers and recruiters directly for opportunities that may not even be advertised.

Hopefully this page will help you make a decision to use online recruitment to advertise your next vacancy through Net-Recruit, although, if you are still unsure or have further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call for a chat on 01457 856 270.

About Net-Recruit

Set up in 2005 by Les Warburton, Net-Recruit began life as a Flat Fee Recruitment company, which is the simplest and cheapest way of getting your job out to a mass market.

Whilst this business model worked fantastically well for many, we found that it left a lot of our clients wanting more. With this in mind we have endeavoured to add many extra services to the original basic model, all of which can be found on Our Services page.

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