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Fake Commuting, Is It For You?


Will a fake commute help you start the working day?


I hope you are well and are not too impacted by the new Covid rules? At the moment it might not seem like there is an end in sight to all of this, but hopefully, it won’t be too long now before we are able to start thinking about returning to something like normality. For most people, this can’t come soon enough.

Although this seems to be the case in the main, one of the things I have found surprising whilst talking with different people over the last few months is that for a few at least, there seems to be a longing for a return to the office and the commute that comes with it.

Speaking as someone who has worked from home for over seven years now, I find this very odd indeed, mainly because, although I most certainly miss the office chat, I definitely do not miss the commute, not one little bit.

This dilemma is quite close to home for us here at Net-Recruit as it has directly affected one of our colleagues, who is now seriously fed up with the lack of a change of scenery that working from home inevitably brings.

Judging by this recent article in Stylist magazine, they aren’t the only ones either.

Fake commuting, is it for you?


The idea of a structured start to the day, and the distinct difference between work and home, and that period of time during the commute where they mentally change their state of mind for the working day, is much more important to them than the idea of being able to take their time in the morning and not worry about getting dressed into something appropriate for the office or to have to be out of the house at a particular time.

To try to combat these feelings, our colleague has started to structure their day in the same way they would have done if 2020 had been a completely normal year. However, instead of journeying to the office they now leave the house for a walk with a brew in hand on their fake commute. According to them, this clears their head so that when they arrive back home after twenty minutes, they are ready for the working day and all it can throw at them.

Only time will tell if this has the effect they are looking for in the long term, but it appears to be helping get them set for the day so far, which can only be good news.

It would be great to hear any of your thoughts on the fake commute idea or any other ways you have found that help you cope with the marked change in circumstances in which the whole world finds itself, you can get in touch here.

In the meantime, please take care and stay safe.

We’ve Re-launched our Recruitment Campaign Builder

These cold winter months can often slow things down, especially here in the UK where the happiness-inducing rays of sunlight are a mere distant memory, but not at Net-Recruit.

Whilst digging out the winter thermals in preparation, we’ve also been busy re-developing our Online Recruitment Campaign Builder. We’ve simplified the process of customising a campaign and believe that the new User Interface will help our clients to quickly build the perfect package within minutes. So with the self-appreciation aside, read on to learn about what’s new, including a carefully selected Recruitment Campaign Package, Additional Add-ons, Easy Job Spec Uploading and a special Introductory Offer.

Entry Level Recruitment Campaign Package

Recruitment Campaign Package Options

We’ve identified the core elements that we think every recruitment campaign needs to be successful and bundled them up together to form our base package. The core elements we’ve included are as follows: Advert Creation, 4 week Job Board and Social Media Campaign, Candidate Search, Ongoing Assessment and C.V Screening.

You’ll get these core elements with every package as a default. However, you’re not limited to this as we offer some carefully selected add-ons which will help to take your online recruitment campaign to the next level!

Package Add-ons

Recruitment Campaign Available Addons

Sometimes just enough isn’t always enough, we recognise that and have introduced a selection of additional services which you can bolt onto your recruitment campaign. When you reach this section on the campaign builder, simply click the add-ons you desire to highlight, this will then increment your total package price and pass through to the submit a vacancy step once the page is submitted.

Easy Job Spec Upload

Your Custom Online Recruitment Package

Once you’ve assembled your perfect recruitment campaign package and wish to proceed, simply submit the form where you will be taken to the Submit a Vacancy page. Your chosen package and add-ons will be bundled together and the total price calculated. All that’s left to do now is fill in your details, upload a job spec document, submit the form, sit back whilst we do our thing and then watch the candidates start to arrive in your inbox.

Introductory offer

As it’s getting close to Christmas, we’re feeling generous so that’s why we’re currently offering new clients the chance to take advantage of our introductory offer rate of just £399 on our Online Recruitment package, usual price £599.

So hopefully, that helps to introduce or newly design campaign builder and demonstrate the ease in which you can now create the perfect recruitment campaign tailored to your particular requirements. That said, you can  take it for a spin here.

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