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Job Candidates Beware – Is Your Social Media Profile Holding Back Your Career?

Several recent surveys conducted by have brought to light the severity of this problem for candidates who, perhaps, are unaware of how far reaching potential employers’ checks on the suitability of potential employees now are.
The rise of this “Social Media snooping” has it’s roots in a few different areas including employers becoming more savvy in terms of the type of person they wish to employ and also the fact that the recent recession has made the recruitment market place overcrowded; the knock on effect of which, is that, employers can now afford to be exceptionally picky when taking on new personnel.
As you can see from the headline figures below, there are now a large amount of companies who will use this type of pre-screening and, unfortunately, it will only increase with time.


The Social Media sites most commonly used to check up on candidates are, unsurprisingly, also the most well-known, with Facebook and LinkedIn leading the pack. Whilst it is common sense not to place unprofessional images or posts on LinkedIn it is the other forms of social media where the problems can arise. Unless your Facebook page profile is locked down to “friends only” then that hung-over post about not bothering with work today is seriously going to hamper your career goals.


The best way to avoid losing out on your dream job is, obviously, not to post anything incriminating on any site ever, but if living a monk like online existence is not for you then consider the most searched for activities, which are listed below, as no go areas.


Of course the other side of the coin is that if your online profile shows no sign of untoward behaviour then this can be a real help to you chances. The main reasons companies will take the time to check up on you are as follows.


Although a much rarer occurrence there is always the chance that a potential employers search on your Facebook page will lead to them seeing you in a much more favourable light. The figures below show that it is possible for you Social Media accounts to help you get the job you want.


To conclude, as mentioned earlier in this piece, Companies who are hiring are only ever going to increase their searches of Social Media as time progresses; so holding back on posting anything you wouldn’t want your Grandmother to see is probably the safest thing if you are looking at your next career move.

How facebook has become a powerful online recruitment tool

Using facebook as an online recruitment toolWe all know how useful facebook can be for keeping in touch with friends, past and present. But the popular social network is fast proving itself as a powerful online recruitment tool. But how much do you really know about Facebook? Heres some interesting facts to help convince you about the potentials of advertising your candidate positions on facebook…

  • 500 million users log into Facebook each day
    With an audience that big, it’s hard not to target a pool of potential candidates who are likely to fill your vacancies. Another great aspect of this fact is that this figure was a 48% increase from the previous year. Also, more astonishingly over 223 million of these are from Europe which is great news for UK recruiters and HR managers.
  • The people who use facebook are between the ages of 25-34
    This is the ideal age range for candidates who have graduated and gained a few years of much valued work experience in a relevant position, allowing them to further enhance their sector knowledge and skills.
  • Facebook users are… 47% male 53% female
    With quite a fair split of genders, you can obtain peace of mind that your facebook recruitment efforts will be seen by roughly the same amount of males and females.

Some other interesting facts about facebook:

  • The average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes per visit.
  • 80% of US  social network users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook.
  • Ironically 8% of US companies have fired someone because of what they  have posted on social media.

So can you afford to miss out with online recruitment via facebook? Net Recruit have been helping HR/business managers recruit staff online using facebook for several years with great success. Find out more about how it works>

*The facts and charts used in this article have been extracted from the free hubspot report “47 handy facebook stats and charts” – you can read the full findings of the report here>

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How to find a job using social media tools

Get social, find a job and you get to wear a suit like thisSocial media is everywhere these days, there is simply no avoiding it,  some people may see this an an annoyance, but it also has it’s uses – one such use could be finding your next job a recent study revealed that 1 in 6 workers use social media to get hired…

We have compiled a collection of the best online recruitment tools available which you can start using right away to help you on your quest of obtaining your dream job. The tools we will be covering include twitter, facebook and LinkedIn.

Find a job using twitter

Twitter is commonly referred to as a micro-blogging platform which allows registered users to ‘tweet’ 140 character statuses to their followers and as of Tuesday 15 May 2012 the site had 10m users. Thus,  making it an ideal place to scout for new vacancies and follow influential people within your industry.

One way to find a job using twitter can be to use the social networking site’s inbuilt search engine – try searching for the hashtag of your industry prepended by the word ‘jobs’ e.g. enter #manufacturing jobs or #manufacturingjobs and you will more than likely be served with dozens,  if not hundred of the latest recruitment vacancies in your sector of interest.

If you already have your mind set on working for a particular company, you should follow them on twitter. It doesn’t cost a thing and provides you with an instant insight into their world and along with that you will be the first to hear about their latest news, updates and hopefully… vacancies.

There are also a number of third party websites which have been setup for the sole person of searching and filtering through twitters vast amount of tweets,  helping you filter out only the relevant ones e.g by sector or location. A popular twitter job search site is  –

Find a job using Facebook

Facebook is one of the worlds leading social networking site which enables people to connect with friends and others who work, study and live nearby. The most popular use for Facebook is to keep in touch with friends, post links and share photos with each other. But Facebook shouldn’t just be limited to social purposes, it can also be a useful tool for finding a job as recent studies suggest that 50% of job hunters in 2011 used facebook to find a job.

To get started with finding a job on facebook be sure to “Like” as many prospective companies from within your sector. By liking a company page, you are now exposed to recent news and job openings directly on your Facebook feed. Next, for this to work you need to start participating in conversations by commenting on interesting posts which will, in turn increase your visibility with employees at the company. Also, as the company shares their trends and happenings with you, you will begin to discover the company culture which can prove very advantageous when you decide to make formal contact with them or apply for a position within the company

Here’s a facebook infographic which highlights the studies mentioned above and helps to put things into greater perspective for you.

Find a job using LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides access to a large network of professionals and as of March 31, 2012 it had 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories. With such a large user base it can be a great way to connect with like minded professionals and their companies with the intention of finding your next job.

To begin your quest in finding a job on LinkedIn, start of by performing a search for/connecting with past and present employers, colleagues and clients – these newly connected contacts can a) be helpful when you require a reference and b) open up new connections and opportunities with potential employers.

So there you have it! The first steps you need to take to find a job using social media – good luck!

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