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How To Make Your Recruitment Campaign Stand Out In 2020

In almost every industry, businesses are shoulder to shoulder in their efforts to impress skilled candidates. Recruitment has responded by becoming more sophisticated, competency-based and targeted.

As a result, to net enough interest from ideal employees, you’ll need to post ads on every job board related to your industry – with each individual role description written to garner the best result.

Both the time and financial cost of this practice – as you can imagine – has skyrocketed in recent years. So, to ensure you get it right first time, we’re breaking down how to make your 2020 recruitment campaign truly stand out.


Start as early as possible


Leading up to January, make some headway in mapping out your company’s short-, medium- and long-term aims. Identify the talent you’ll need for each goal and tailor your recruitment campaign so that you can recruit them in time.

Senior and executive talent will need to be marketed to in the earlier months, whereas late spring and summer usually heralds graduation for university students. Adjust your timeline accordingly and build teams around availability. Without this foresight, you’re unlikely to secure key talent.

View your job ads as someone’s very first impression of you. With that in mind, recruiting based on immediate need implies a lack of forward thinking. Candidates will perceive you to be half-heartedly playing catch-up after seeing the hiring strategies of competitors.


Target your messaging


Next, you need to tailor the messages you’re placing on each job board. If some are industry-specific, be sure you’re talking in the right tone of voice and language before posting.

A candidate will want to know how engaged you are with their talents, and whether or not you understand what they’re bringing to the team. If the job ad you post is the same as every other site, the likelihood of being considered an industry leader is slim.

The same is true of the positions you advertise for. A senior IT candidate won’t necessarily share the same interests as a junior marketing officer. So, tailor company benefits and culture descriptions where appropriate.


Tighten your processes


Once you’ve got a number of applicants interested in your vacancies, don’t drop the ball with a lengthy interview process. Conduct phone interviews with all candidates who meet your standards and be clear about the next stages.

Then, invite those who qualify for a face-to-face interview. You don’t need every member of staff in the room to determine a culture fit, but be sure to ascertain exactly what their personality type is before making a decision.

Ask about their approaches to work, feelings towards incentives and their stance on team dynamics. The more thorough you are in the early stages, the less likely you are to deter quality candidates.

Partner with Net-Recruit


Sound complicated? Don’t panic. At Net-Recruit, we do all the heavy lifting in your recruitment campaigns. Combining technology with a personal approach, we’re capable of posting and optimising ads on all relevant job boards.

Each ad will be written by our in-house team and entirely bespoke to your audience. We’ll even conduct the phone interviews if necessary, so that you only meet with the best of the best at the interview stage.

Interested in giving your campaign the ignition it needs to take your industry by storm? Get in touch with our Pioneering People today.


5 Recruitment Mistakes You Could Be Making

5 recruitment mistakes you could be making (and how to avoid them)

In today’s job market, candidates hold more power than ever before. For recruiters, this means more pressure to impress job hunters and make the hire quickly and efficiently. But are you doing everything you possibly can to stand-out from the competition and recruit the best talent?

According to data from CV-Library, poor hiring decisions can cost businesses up to £15,000 a year. What’s more, candidates are admitting that there are certain areas that put them off applying for jobs. Below, we explain the 5 recruitment mistakes that you could be making and how you can avoid them.

Poorly constructed job adverts

A staggering 94.7% of candidates say they’re more likely to apply for a role that has a clear job description. And who can blame them? A well-written job advert will naturally be more inviting because it clearly outlines who your company is, why you are hiring and what the position involves.

Follow this format and you’ll stand a better chance of boosting your application rates. This involves bullet pointing out the key responsibilities of the role, as well as the key skills and qualifications needed. You should round off the job advert with a quick mention of what the candidate can gain from working for you – this is also a good opportunity to shout about any workplace perks you offer your employees.

Lengthy application process

It’s important to remember that your job advert and application process are the first impression a candidate will have of your company. Therefore, you need to make it as engaging as possible. Think about your application process: how long is it? Is it easy to navigate? What are candidates required to do?

What’s more, think about the fact that more candidates are searching and applying for jobs on mobile. If they aren’t able to apply for your roles through their devices, they may end up abandoning the entire application. Think about how you can make it more efficient. Do you need so many screening questions? What information do you really want to gain in the initial stages?

Too many interviews

Research tells us that a lengthy recruitment process puts off candidates. While it’s important to ensure that you have an effective screening process, consider how multi-stage interviews may be viewed by candidates. For example, do you require a candidate to complete a telephone interview, an initial face-to-face interview, a second interview, and a final interview?

This may be necessary for some roles, particularly more senior positions. However, you should be able to get a good idea of how suitable a candidate will be from a telephone interview and a face-to-face meeting. If your hiring process has too many stages for candidates, they may become impatient, or get snapped up by someone else.

Slow response rate

How quickly are you getting back to candidates? In such a competitive market, you can’t afford to take weeks deciding on whether you want to hire someone or not. Nowadays, it’s likely that job hunters will be juggling multiple offers. Therefore, it’s important to feedback to candidates in a timely manner.

What’s more, even if you aren’t going to offer someone the job, keep them updated and provide constructive feedback. Employer branding is extremely important in today’s labour market and you need to make a good impression.

Offer the best package

Last, but not least, consider the packages that you’re offering to candidates. Are you making an offer they can’t refuse? As mentioned earlier, the market is competitive, so you need to stay on top of what your competitors are offering and really think about what will set you apart from the crowd.

Overall, it’s clear that there are certain areas which could be affecting your recruitment efforts. Getting the hiring process right is extremely important and certainly worth the investment. Especially if you want to attract the best talent in 2018.

Author: CV-Library – The UK’s leading independent job board


Could Flat Fee Recruitment Benefit Your Business?

An overview of online CV generators

Getting a CV together can become quite a time consuming task, often requiring careful thought and planning to be sure that it is relevant and targeted towards the position you are applying for. Therefore, to help with your next online recruitment application we’ve put together a compilation of the best online CV generators along with their main advantages, which can help you quickly and easily construct and refine a CV in no time.


A nice looking site which allows you to create professional resumes in minutes for free.

CV template samples e.g. Executive, Elegant, Bold, Literature – If you’re in a rush these can be a real timesaver, however, don’t rely on them too heavily as they are generic looking and it may come across to a potential employer that you havn’t put much effort into your application.

User account and storage – A notable advantage of CVmaker is the fact that it allows you to create an account and save the progress of your CV for you to resume at a later date.


A super slick and easy site which allows you to create a professional CV in minutes!

Download in Word or PDF formats – Easily export your CV in in Microsoft Word format or publish as a PDF document.

Step-by-step expert help & example content – A real game winner of this site is the practical guidance, illustrations, keywords and power-phrases  it provides you throughout the entire process, making the process of crafting your CV a lot easier and painless.


With it simple steps and well designed layout this is the easiest site to use and get your CV up and running!

Simple steps – Broken down into an Introduction, Basics, Education, Jobs and Skills the site has no further distractions, allowing you to get to work with creating your CV quickly and easily.

Up and running in 5 minutes – Claiming to have the perfect CV generated in 5 minutes, can you afford not to give it a try?

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    7 online tools we use on a daily basis

    Here in the Net-Recruit office we naturally couldn’t get by without the internet and the vast amount of web-based tools available. That’s why we have put together this list, highlighting some our favourite online tools which help us run our online recruitment agency more efficiently:

    • Outlook Mail 365 – With this great online interface we can log in anywhere to check/send/receive emails.
    • Idibu – Is a job cross-poster  which makes broadcasting our recruitment vacancies to several jobboards quicker, however, we don’t use this facility for all the jobboards 😉
    • Zopim – This interactive tool provides us with the power to chat with potential clients via our website and in live-time.
    • Sagepay – Cashflow is a vital part of any recruitment company and therefore, we use Sagepay for taking Credit/Debit card payments either online or via the telephone.
    • Credit Safe – This great tool allows us to check the credit information on companies within seconds, avoiding any nasty surprises.
    • Twitter/LinkedIn – Tweeting allows us to post our latest blog posts and vacancies to our loyal fanbase and LinkedIn makes searching for passive candidates a breeze!
    • Smart Stamps – This is a slick online service offered by Royal Mail that lets you print postage onto an envelope + put your own logo on.

    So there you have it our favourite online tools which we couldn’t live without here in the office! If you run a business, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below and learn about any of the online tools you use…

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      First Thoughts On Zopim – Our New Interactive Online Chat Tool

      Zopim an online interactive chat system One of the most amazing things about the internet is the ability to chat with people across the globe.

      To be able to chat instantly to our friends and family is so important in our busy lives. How did we all manage before the invention of the mobile phone?

      It is particularly invaluable in the business world. To be able to instantly interact with customers visiting your website, in real time, is something that can be hugely beneficial.

      An online chat service attached to your website not only allows you to instantly engage with a potential new client but also answer any questions they have without them having to pick up the phone.

      We have been looking for a chat solution for a while. Interacting with our customers was probably the main reason for this and we have decided to try using an online chat service on our website called Zopim. It is a simple live chat widget that lets us talk directly to our online customers giving them the opportunity to communicate with us in an easy, no-pressure way. Any queries can then be answered which we hope will increase our chances of a sale.

      So far our experience with Zopim the online interactive chat tool has been extremely positive!

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