Online recruiter to candidate – ‘why should I hire you’?

Job candidates waiting for their interview with an online recruiterHere’s a great little piece of online recruitment knowledge we’d like to share with you…

Why should I hire you? – this is one of the most daunting questions you can be asked by a recruiter in an interview. How do you answer this? If you already know what the employer is looking for in your answer then it makes answering it a little bit easier.

They want to know if you match up to the requirements of the position. List your experiences and how these are transferable to this position. Also add any other experiences you may have that will benefit the role further.

They will want to know that you will fit in well with their company. Explain how you are a team player, hard worker, committed and adaptable to situations and changes – when/if the going gets tough you can pull you weight. Do your homework on the company and praise their products, service, reputation etc.

They will also want to know that you are committed to the job. Tell them how you are hard- working, motivated and dedicated. This is the job you want. It’s not just a stepping stone in your career and that you want to contribute to the success of their company.

Now that you know why the interviewer is asking this question, you will be better prepared with your answer, if you enjoyed this post then be sure to subscribe to our online recruitment blog for lots more related articles full of recruitment tips, advice and help.

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    Always be sure to add your current location to your C.V

    A job candidate just about to submit his cv to their recruiterHere at Net Recruit we receive 100’s of C.V’s every day and often come across candidates who submit a C.V. but fail to state their current location or where they are willing to travel to. So here is a quick tip from the Net Recruit team…

    Please let us know your location! If the position is based in London and you live in Edinburgh it is important that you let us know that you would be willing to relocate as let’s face it,  it’s going to be a long commute if not! Equally important if you live outside the UK too.

    Just remember this could be the difference between your C.V being selected or binned during our candidate vetting process.

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      Top 5 recruitment books for candidates and managers

      Socrates once said ‘True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing’, that’s why it crucial to gain fresh knowledge through books. Some people tend to read for pleasure and recreational purposes whilst other people take it upon themselves to read to strengthen their knowledge and learn new things.

      If you are of the latter breed and a candidate on the lookout for a new job or even a HR manager looking to recruit your next PA, reading and learning about the recruitment industry can help put you above the competition and help to provide an insight into the type of candidate you are seeking. This post aims to give you an insight into some of the best books around which can do just that…

      The Definitive Job Book: Rules from the Recruitment Insiders

      The Definitive Job BookWhether you are a student or an experienced professional, there are a lot of useful tips on how to perfect your cv and on how to optimize your performance at job interviews. It often points out do’s and don’t’s and mentions points that you wouldn’t really consider but that are worth considering and could make quite a difference to the impression you give employers.

      By Anne Watson
      £13/£11 (paperback/ebook)
      Buy now

      Successful Interviewing and Recruitment: Creating Success 91

      Successful Interviewing and RecruitmentThis book is so well written it is hard to put it down. Mr Manahan’s style is engaging and entertaining, and so easy to read. It feels less like reading a book and more like being coached by an expert. The content is clearly laid out and covers every aspect normally found in CV books, however.

      The most important aspect of this book is that it teaches you how to examine your own skills and experience, and communicate them in a fresh and appropriate way. It gets you into the head of the person who is likely to be reading your CV.

      By Rowan Manahan
      £7/£6 (paperback/ebook)
      Buy now

      Practice Psychometric Tests: How To Familiarise Yourself With Genuine Recruitment Tests And Get The Job You Want

      Psychometric TestsFollowing the success of Andrea Shavick’s Passing Psychometric Tests and Psychometric Tests for Graduates comes this book, crammed full of even more genuine practice psychometric tests from SHL Group plc, the biggest test publisher in the world. These are the tests used by over 95 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies to select their staff, as do the police, the Civil Service, local authorities, the Armed Forces, the Fire Service, financial institutions, retail companies, the communications industry, the motor industry, the IT industry, the power industry…the list is endless. So if you’re looking for a job, you need this book!

      By Andrea Shavick
      Buy now

      The Assessment and Selection Handbook: Tools, Techniques and Exercises for Effective Recruitment and Development

      The recruitment assessment and selection handbookThis book offers a very down-to-earth approach to the design and running of assessment centres. Aimed at the experienced HR professional, it covered all aspects of the subject, even including the politics and internal barriers to the use of assessment centres that you typically find in organisations, large and small. It demystified the process and gave many practical exercises that could be built in to the centre; all except, that is, psychometric test content, where there is a pricey industry-wide accreditation barrier to the novice in adopting this element within the assessment.

      By Ian Taylor
      Buy now

      You’re Hired! CV: How to write a brilliant CV

      Your hired - cv writing tipsWhat I particularly liked about this book is that it is clearly written for the UK job market. Excellent, practical advice on how to put together a professional CV, with clear examples and handy do’s and don’ts. This book certainly helps to create a CV with a professional image.

      By Corinne Mills
      Buy now

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        Recruitment Managers – Top tips for getting hired

        Obtaining your dream role as a recruitment manager can be achieved if you consider and pursue the right steps, at the right time and in the right direction. The industry is very competitive these days, therefore, you need to showcase some exceptional qualities for any company to trust your judgment and allow you to undertake their next recruitment exercise.

        Naturally, it would be beneficial to have some experience in  the recruitment industry, during an interview you should try and have a demonstrate a background of knowledge in the core values which some companies hold in high esteem when they are searching for recruitment managers or human resources professionals online.

        However, that aside, it is also a known fact that most successful recruiters did not study human resources back in school. They got into the profession, with their natural gift and they made it to the top.

        Basic Requirements

        For you to succeed in getting recruited online as a recruitment manager or consultant, you should
        show that flair for interactivity with different types of people, you also have to show that you are naturally
        outgoing and self motivated.

        You might be wondering how the companies will identify these treats. Most companies recruiting for
        recruitment managers or human resource executives make all applicants go through personality tests
        online. Such an online personality test will enable them identify the type of person you are and how social
        you can be…

        Here are our top 3 tips for helping you land your ideal role as an online recruitment manager…

        First Tip – Develop your talent management skills

        Acquisition of talent is the basic interest of most multinational companies and talent management is
        one of the key factors potential employers will be looking for as they access your online application.
        If you can give references of your success in managing talents in a variety of different fields, it will definitely give you an edge in your online recruitment job search.

        Second Tip – Price negotiation

        As you will be uploading your CV and application online for that recruitment management job, try as much as you can to tell whosoever that will have access to your application about your abilities in price negotiations. Most companies would like not to over pay their staff and they know that the best time to curb that is from the recruitment exercise. Therefore, if they know you’re a professional price negotiator, your application will be given better consideration.

        Third Tip – Ability to spot lies

        If you can identify when people are telling lies, you will be a hot cake in the industry. Most applicants lie a lot in their curriculum vitae and companies will pay anything to get the truth from any potential client about their past and their personality. Therefore, if you can prove to your potential employers that you can identify lies through interaction together with the available hard copy of any potential employer they will have no option than to choose you.

        If you can implement the tips from this article, you will definitely grab that recruitment management job
        you desire.

        Tweets of the week, 13th May – 18th May

        So here it is as promised…. part two in a new series of posts which aim to highlight lots of great and interesting content which we have discovered this week. Most of it will be of interest to recruitment managers and job candidates alike.

        Of course this is only a small collection of the stuff we read, so to keep up to date with all the cool links we discover, simply follow us @Net_RecruitUK

        What are the best books for Recruiters? – http://goo.gl/NpoKv

        THE 10 to Follow in Social Media Recruiting – http://goo.gl/ofvcV

        Overhauling your benefits: Effectively communicating benefits – http://goo.gl/4JdKN

        Low pay and no training. The next great retention strategy? – http://goo.gl/BG2yE

        Turn Your Facebook Fans into Your Next Employees –

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          How flat fee recruitment works

          Here’s a quick overview to get you established with the basics stages of a typical flat fee recruitment campaign.

          You submit the details of your vacancy to us online

          A quick and simple process which can either be done via a web-based form or a quick email.

          Your advert is designed and sent back to you for approval

          Approve your advert by 4pm and it will go live the same day, if required we’ll even help you with the copywriting too. Your advert will also be optimised to make sure it appears on the best search engines.

          We post your advert on all the top job boards

          For 4 weeks, we place your advert on the best job boards. We will also choose industry and location specific job boards tailored to the role,  for maximum exposure.

          We monitor the campaign results closely, if the initial response is slow we can alter the advert. We refresh the advert on a weekly basis in order for the vacancy to maintain a high position on the job boards.

          We screen and filter all applications for you

          We carefully sift through every C.V. and filter out those that do not match the specification and relevant criteria.

          We give you the best C.V’s on a plate!

          We send them to you as they arrive, weekly or at the end of the campaign, whichever you prefer.

          Find out more…

          We are confident that we can recruit the best candidates for you, and recruiting this way will work for your business, we also welcome any vacancy from any industry – It’s simple, it works.

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            Here at Net Recruit we love twitter, we’re always reading and re-tweeting the tweets that we like! Therefore, we have decided to start a new series of weekly posts which will collate some of the best recruitment and hr related tweets that we have read during the week.

            We aim to highlight lots of great and interesting content which we have discovered, most of it will be of interest to recruitment managers and job candidates alike.

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            5 Deadly Hiring Sins: Part Ihttp://goo.gl/xLb4W


            Even without adjusting for inflation, new graduates today will earn lower salaries than grads did in 2008http://goo.gl/0IJmC


            The latest social media stats for 2012http://goo.gl/0nw4h


            Is a lunch break or an afternoon nap more beneficial for workers?http://goo.gl/5D60e


            How To Get a Job When You’re a Royal Princess – http://goo.gl/VkWrT


            How the PayScale Index Fits Into Raise Planning  – http://htl.li/aBIgL


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              The benefits of online recruitment explained

              Recruiting logging candidate data online

              Online recruitment, otherwise known as web-based recruitment or e-recruitment is gaining popularity not only among employers, but also amongst jobseekers. Whether you are an employer or a jobseeker, you will experience many benefits of online recruitment as compared to traditional recruitment methods. These are some of the benefits of e-recruitment…

              Quick recruitment process

              Online recruitment is much faster than any other method of recruitment. This is because the vacancy advertisement is viewed as soon as you post it. On the other hand, if you are a jobseeker, you can send your CV immediately. The process of interviewing prospective employees can then start in a few hours. It is possible to finish the hiring process within the same day.

              Lower cost of recruitment

              There will naturally be some fees involved, but if you recruit through the web, you can save as much as 90% of the cost as compared to using print media. I think this fact sells the merits of online recruitment on its own!

              Easy process

              One of the benefits of online recruitment is that you don’t have to be an IT specialist to post or apply for a job vacancy. All you need as an employer is the job description, internet connection and the time to do it. For jobseekers, most job boards are user friendly and you won’t find any difficulty browsing through the job advertisements.

              Wide audience

              An increasing number of people are turning to the internet to look for jobs. Age is no longer a limitation as many people can do the simple stuff online. This means that when you use online recruitment to fill job vacancies, you are likely to get the best match for the job because of the wide audience reached by your job advertisement.

              Easy access to job advertisements

              If you are a job seeker, you will find several jobs that you can fit into from the internet. These are jobs that you may not have known about because they have not been advertised anywhere else. You can then apply for them immediately. Posting your CV online also gives you the chance to be contacted by employers who are looking for your expertise.

              Easier management

              Being an employer, you can perform all the required activities from the same location. You can post the vacancy advertisements, receive CVs from job applicants and screen them before contacting the chosen candidates all from the comfort of your office. For jobseekers, tracking the progress of your application can also be done from your workspace.

              Make offers confidentiality

              Some jobs are too sensitive to be advertised online. In such cases, you can search the database for prospective employees and contact them without posting a job advertisement. Alternatively, you can post the job advertisement without giving the name of the company. As a jobseeker, you can also post your CV online without mentioning your name or that of your current employer.

              With these benefits of online recruitment, you are sure to find your dream job or the right employee if you embrace this technological advancement.

              Take it a step further…

              If you are in charge of a recruitment operation and the above benefits sound appealing to you but you don’t have the time to manage an online recruitment campaign, then why not let the experts give you a hand? Here at Net Recruit we are a founding father of the online flat fee recruitment industry. We’ve been helping HR managers and businesses recruit staff this way since 2005. Find out more about how we can help run your online recruitment campaign in 5 simple steps.

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              Make the most of your CV

              Here at Net-Recruit we receive and read 100’s of candidate CVs every day.

              With the rise in online applications it is more important than ever to make sure your CV is the best that it can be, as this is your first opportunity to showcase yourself.

              The big issues that make us want to tear our hair out in frustration at some of the quality of cvs that we read in our office are:

              1. Not tailoring your application to the position that you have applied for. Try to include references to your experience that match the requirements of the job being advertised.
              2. Endlessly long cover letters that are in fact information that is already included in your CV – the more concise the cover letter, the better.
              3. Please don’t state in the first sentence that you have no experience for the position that you have applied for. You may have other qualities that may be just as relevant.
              4. We don’t mind seeing your photo if you have one on your CV, but please, not family pets even if they are cute!
              5. Ensure that it is your’ CV that you have attached/uploaded, not this week’s shopping list or complaint to the local council – yes this has happened!
              6. Please let us know your location. If the position is based in London and you live in Edinburgh let us know that you would be willing to relocate, it’s a long commute! Equally important if you live outside the UK.
              7. Not putting any contact details on. Can your new potential employer contact you without one?
              8. Explaining why you left or are leaving your current employer. Your new employer doesn’t need to know that the ‘pay was too low’ etc… but be prepared to answer the question if it comes up in an interview.
              9. You may be ‘saucysuzy@…. ‘to your friends, but a more professional email address may be more appropriate when trying to impress your future employer.
              10. And finally, don’t forget to spell check your CV – we like good spelling and punctuation.

              Now all that’s sorted we would love to receive your CV.

              Look out for our vacancies on all the top jobboards or follow us on twitter

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                Our First Blog…

                This is our first company blog… EVER!

                We are a friendly and experienced team based in Derbyshire who have been helping HR managers and businesses recruit staff for a low cost flat
                fee since 2005.

                We’re all about simplicity and make the process hassle free.

                Our Service :

                • We advertise your vacancy on all the best job boards and online newspapers for 4 weeks.
                • We screen and filter all applications for you to give you the best CVs.
                • We search online CV databases and Linkedin.
                • We save you time.
                • We save you money.
                • We welcome any position from any sector with any skill-set.
                • We charge per campaign not per hire, therefore you can recruit as many people per campaign as you wish for one low flat-fee.
                • All you have to do is decide which candidates you would like to interview from the carefully filtered CVs we send to you. Simple .

                The service we provide works in 5 simple steps:

                1. Submit the details of your vacancy to us online.
                2. The advert is designed and sent to you for approval.
                3. Once you are happy with the designed advert give us the go ahead and we can make the vacancy live within the hour on all the UK’s leading job boards.
                4. We screen and filter all applications for you.
                5. We send you the best CV’s matched to your specific criteria.

                We currently offer 3 recruitment campaigns for you to choose from. Bronze , Gold and Platinum.

                Should you not fill your vacancy we will continue to advertise your vacancy for a further 4 weeks free of charge.

                Well, that’s the first one done ! It is the nuts and bolts of our simple low cost flat fee recruitment service.

                Future blogs will be more interesting ! Promise 😉

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