Job Candidates Beware – Is Your Social Media Profile Holding Back Your Career?

Several recent surveys conducted by CareerBuilder.com have brought to light the severity of this problem for candidates who, perhaps, are unaware of how far reaching potential employers’ checks on the suitability of potential employees now are.
The rise of this “Social Media snooping” has it’s roots in a few different areas including employers becoming more savvy in terms of the type of person they wish to employ and also the fact that the recent recession has made the recruitment market place overcrowded; the knock on effect of which, is that, employers can now afford to be exceptionally picky when taking on new personnel.
As you can see from the headline figures below, there are now a large amount of companies who will use this type of pre-screening and, unfortunately, it will only increase with time.


The Social Media sites most commonly used to check up on candidates are, unsurprisingly, also the most well-known, with Facebook and LinkedIn leading the pack. Whilst it is common sense not to place unprofessional images or posts on LinkedIn it is the other forms of social media where the problems can arise. Unless your Facebook page profile is locked down to “friends only” then that hung-over post about not bothering with work today is seriously going to hamper your career goals.


The best way to avoid losing out on your dream job is, obviously, not to post anything incriminating on any site ever, but if living a monk like online existence is not for you then consider the most searched for activities, which are listed below, as no go areas.


Of course the other side of the coin is that if your online profile shows no sign of untoward behaviour then this can be a real help to you chances. The main reasons companies will take the time to check up on you are as follows.


Although a much rarer occurrence there is always the chance that a potential employers search on your Facebook page will lead to them seeing you in a much more favourable light. The figures below show that it is possible for you Social Media accounts to help you get the job you want.


To conclude, as mentioned earlier in this piece, Companies who are hiring are only ever going to increase their searches of Social Media as time progresses; so holding back on posting anything you wouldn’t want your Grandmother to see is probably the safest thing if you are looking at your next career move.

Is Job Market Confidence On The Rise?

The apparent recovery in the economy has led to a boost in job market confidence with it increasing steadily over the last eight months; this is obviously excellent news if you are now looking at a recruitment campaign to expand your workforce in the near future.

The latest National Careers Service Job Confidence Index shows that four out of five (79%) people were as or more confident about their jobs and ability to find work than in the previous survey which was published last November.  This represents a net increase of 3% and a total of 5% since the first index was published in August 2013.

The overall index aims to analyse the state of the nation’s work and employment prospects.  It’s based on research that looks at a range of issues affecting people’s confidence in finding work.  Taking into account other underlying factors, the national job confidence score has increased by 2.1 points since November, up from 53.5 to 55.6 out of 100.  (This represents an increase of 3.8 points since the first index was released last August.)

According to the research (conducted by ICM), the main factor behind the nation’s increase in job confidence is the economic recovery.  A majority of respondents (57%) claim they’re more job-confident because of improving business outlook, up from 42% in August and November.

Apart from the recovery, a third of people attributed their increased job confidence to more opportunities being available (34%) and having the right skills/qualifications (32%).  Seven in ten respondents agreed they had the right experience to find work, an increase of 8% since August.

The research also reveals that overall job confidence is on the increase across all regions and sectors of society, including the unemployed.  Compared to three months ago, the North East and the West Midlands were the regions to record the biggest rises.

With this increase in job confidence comes the parallel increase in the quality of those seeking their next move in the job market. This usually applies to those who are already in work and now feel the time is right to push on in their careers, although there are also many talented individuals in the market for work who are, unfortunately, currently unemployed.

This shows, perhaps, that now is the right time to advertise those vacancies that all industry sectors have held back on through fear of not being able to fill them with a candidate they feel will properly benefit their business.

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