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How To Make Your Recruitment Campaign Stand Out In 2020

In almost every industry, businesses are shoulder to shoulder in their efforts to impress skilled candidates. Recruitment has responded by becoming more sophisticated, competency-based and targeted.

As a result, to net enough interest from ideal employees, you’ll need to post ads on every job board related to your industry – with each individual role description written to garner the best result.

Both the time and financial cost of this practice – as you can imagine – has skyrocketed in recent years. So, to ensure you get it right first time, we’re breaking down how to make your 2020 recruitment campaign truly stand out.


Start as early as possible


Leading up to January, make some headway in mapping out your company’s short-, medium- and long-term aims. Identify the talent you’ll need for each goal and tailor your recruitment campaign so that you can recruit them in time.

Senior and executive talent will need to be marketed to in the earlier months, whereas late spring and summer usually heralds graduation for university students. Adjust your timeline accordingly and build teams around availability. Without this foresight, you’re unlikely to secure key talent.

View your job ads as someone’s very first impression of you. With that in mind, recruiting based on immediate need implies a lack of forward thinking. Candidates will perceive you to be half-heartedly playing catch-up after seeing the hiring strategies of competitors.


Target your messaging


Next, you need to tailor the messages you’re placing on each job board. If some are industry-specific, be sure you’re talking in the right tone of voice and language before posting.

A candidate will want to know how engaged you are with their talents, and whether or not you understand what they’re bringing to the team. If the job ad you post is the same as every other site, the likelihood of being considered an industry leader is slim.

The same is true of the positions you advertise for. A senior IT candidate won’t necessarily share the same interests as a junior marketing officer. So, tailor company benefits and culture descriptions where appropriate.


Tighten your processes


Once you’ve got a number of applicants interested in your vacancies, don’t drop the ball with a lengthy interview process. Conduct phone interviews with all candidates who meet your standards and be clear about the next stages.

Then, invite those who qualify for a face-to-face interview. You don’t need every member of staff in the room to determine a culture fit, but be sure to ascertain exactly what their personality type is before making a decision.

Ask about their approaches to work, feelings towards incentives and their stance on team dynamics. The more thorough you are in the early stages, the less likely you are to deter quality candidates.

Partner with Net-Recruit


Sound complicated? Don’t panic. At Net-Recruit, we do all the heavy lifting in your recruitment campaigns. Combining technology with a personal approach, we’re capable of posting and optimising ads on all relevant job boards.

Each ad will be written by our in-house team and entirely bespoke to your audience. We’ll even conduct the phone interviews if necessary, so that you only meet with the best of the best at the interview stage.

Interested in giving your campaign the ignition it needs to take your industry by storm? Get in touch with our Pioneering People today.


How We Help You To Hire Your Team

Struggling to keep up with all your employment needs? You need a recruiter. The same is true if the candidates you are finding aren’t living up to your expectations.

Trouble is, some recruiters don’t always solve this problem. The candidates they place might not even match up to your list of must-haves, never mind your company culture. 

At Net-Recruit, we make it our number one priority to only field candidates who are perfect for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the recruitment process or, more specifically, a recruiter that merges technological solutions with a human touch, here’s how we work…



We understand your business goals


No recruiter can offer you a legitimate solution unless they fully comprehend what it is that you’re trying to achieve. By that, we mean your objectives, ideal customers and company culture.

It is in this research that your ambition becomes clear and we can then fine-tune our approach so as to only attract those who will add true value to your organisation.



We create a specification with you


From here, we can create a job specification together. We’ll distil your ambition and help you to detail a role that prevents any confusion during the subsequent application process.

Only by doing this in tandem can we ensure that the advertisement best represents your brand and inspires the best candidates to put their CV forward.



We write tailor-made job ads


Here’s where the human element of our service really kicks in. Most recruitment software solutions use algorithms to create their messaging – we don’t.

We know that top-quality candidates can tell an automated message from a real one, and that you want to put across a consistent voice across everything you do. So, we’ll capture every element of your vacancy and the company behind it, and then articulate it in bite-sized job ad chunks.



We suggest a hiring strategy


Once we’ve tweaked the messaging, we’ll start planning the best means of distributing your job adverts and steadily optimising them.

Specifically, we’ll discuss the value of each platform you wish to appear on – from job boards to aggregator sites – and we’ll pinpoint where, when and how your particular ads should appear.



We monitor Pipe™ software


We don’t push your ads out there and hope for the best. We give you accurate reports of the success of each campaign. Using our Pipe™ software, we’re able to monitor the most engaging messages and the job sites that work best for your brand.

Pipe™ is more than applicant tracking software – it’s an insight into who your brand appeals towards and how best you can attract them. We’ll then further hone every message that’s working, and either remove or improve every one that isn’t.

Now, you can sit back and leave the hard work to the team. We’ll review each application by hand and filter through them all according to your brief.Using the feedback of other clients, we’ve managed to turn the industry upside down and become pioneers in recruitment. So why not get in touch and discover how we can put your people first? Simply give us a call on 01457 856 270 or send a message through our contact form.



How To Hire In Engineering Or Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing are two industries often cited as the hardest to employ for. Engineers still remain on the UK skills shortage list, and manufacturing is forever undergoing so many technological advancements that unique abilities are sought after each and every day.

We ensure our placements are bespoke to your needs at Net-Recruit. Combining both applicant tracking software (ATS) and in-house expertise, we capture your brand and distil it in a way that resonates with those in engineering and marketing. So, if you’re looking to do the same, here’s our top three tips. 



  1. Sell yourself


Recruiters will bombard senior engineers at every opportunity. If they wanted to leave their job immediately, there would be no shortage of vacancies available to them. Bear that in mind when you write job ads – lead with the benefits that make you different from everyone else when describing the role.

Be transparent as you do this. Don’t overload your job ad with a list of company perks as a method of hiding the mundane day-to-day responsibilities. Those in manufacturing will want to understand the role in full (and what’s in it for them) before they’ll consider an interview.

In addition, make sure every element of your advert enforces the image you wish to portray. This extends to the job board you’re posting on; if they’re industry-specific, this will imply a level of value.



  1. Be in the right place at the right time


Job boards aren’t all the same. Not only will some members of your target audience not access every board, but some may view certain platforms as more worthy of their experience over others.

At Net-Recruit, for instance, we’ll work with you to pinpoint the channels that are best accessed by your audience beforehand. 

We’ll then review every CV by hand to quicken the onboarding process and keep high-quality candidates engaged with your brand. Senior talent will drop out of your pipeline if you’re not seen to be responsive, after all. We’ll use our Pipe™ ATS software to track, monitor and keep on top of things.

Throughout, we’ll use your tone of voice as an indicator of office culture and filter out those who aren’t a strong fit. 




  1. Tighten your interviewing process


Now you’ve got the pool of candidates you had hoped for, you’ll need an interview process that doesn’t send applicants running the other way. Again, be quick in your decisions but also appear knowledgeable (and interested) in their experience.

Enquire about specialist skill sets and ask questions that are tailored to each specific interview as opposed to generic competency-based ones. This is also your chance to explain the tools and processes that may be unique to you, and how their role interacts with the wider business.

Measure a cultural fit all the while. Those in senior positions may need to manage a team or deal with suppliers, so be sure to get a gauge of their personality and how well they’d work in your team.

Sound complicated? Well, we’ve got just the solution. We understand that repeating this process again and again, throughout the growth of your organisation, could massively impede your development. So, we’ve created a software that allows us to monitor your campaigns in real time. 

We complement this with a human touch – creating ads that resonate and even conducting telephone screening if you need it. Simply get in touch today. A member of our team will guide you through the process and demonstrate how we can help you put people first.

3 Considerations To Make When Posting On UK Job Boards

If you’re looking for the best job boards UK-wide, first things first: know how to get the most from them. These platforms are useful in getting the ‘we are hiring’ message out there, but in order to get the applicants you’re seeking, you need more than that.


Job boards work by hosting the adverts of all available positions in any one marketplace. Candidates are then able to scroll through vacancies and easily see which roles are relevant to them, which aren’t, and who the featured companies are.


The reality is, it’s tough for businesses to make an impact on a job board. To differentiate yourself from the competition, here are three necessary considerations you need to make before posting on UK job boards.


  1. Pay for every relevant job board


You’re charged a fee to show and promote job ads on most platforms. Monster, Indeed and are just a select few that require significant investment before your vacancy can be viewed by the right people.


However, missing any key job boards from your list will reduce the number of relevant applicants you receive. Simply put, the wider you cast your net, the more likely you are to reel in a strong candidate.


So, before starting your recruitment campaigns, ensure there’s enough budget to post, tweak and optimise ads on every relevant job board. 


  1. Prepare to sift through applications


Very few businesses have the internal staff available to manage ads on the UK’s best job boards. It’s simply not realistic to expect someone to constantly filter through applications from the moment they arrive in the office to the second they leave for the day – but it’s important if you want to ensure you get the best return on your investment.


Your head of recruitment or outsourced support will need to focus some of their efforts on interviews and onboarding procedures too. This time-intensive process usually means that unprepared businesses miss out on applicants to their competitors before they’ve even had the opportunity to speak with them.


When posting for roles that need immediate, high-calibre applicants, you’ll need to be sure that you’re actively manning the inbox of every job board.


  1. Optimise or be outpaced


It may be possible to support your hiring manager with members of your admin team, but when it comes to optimising job ads, you need a dedicated professional.


If you recognise that certain phrasing or other elements of a job ad are getting a better response, then someone needs to implement those changes immediately across each and every job board. 


This is your first interaction with a number of potential stakeholders, so you need to make a great impression with a single, coherent presence. The support of someone who can post job ads in a cohesive manner and custom-build each to the audience of specific job boards is crucial.


Let us help


Using people-led technology, Net-Recruit can help you do all of the above. Our team humanise your ads on the best UK job boards so that those genuinely suited to your role can find you. 


We lower your costs by bringing the entire job advertising process in-house. We’ll get to know your brand and communicate your objectives across all key job boards and aggregator sites. Finally, we’ll monitor and augment our applicant tracking system (ATS) so we’re able to enhance your recruitment strategy.


Interested? Get in touch. Our team will seamlessly integrate your branding into your hiring process, ensuring more relevant applicants, lower costs and a quicker turnaround.


How A Glossop-Based Employment Agency Became People Pioneers

The stereotypical recruitment business is rarely a small, independent, family-run organisation.

In fact, an employment agency in Glossop is just about the opposite of what you’d expect a pioneering recruitment firm to be – and yet that’s exactly what Net-Recruit is.

Cornering a section of the market devoted to improving the recruitment process as a whole, our family organisation worked to prove that attention to detail delivers longer-lasting placements.

Here’s how we’re revolutionising the industry.

Custom-built solution

Net-Recruit didn’t invent applicant tracking software (ATS). We actually rejected it, choosing to create something less off-the-shelf and more malleable to our clients. We figured that, by basing our solution on customer need as opposed to what’s convenient for us, we’d be offering a more valuable service. In came Pipe™.

Pipe™, our own ATS, sorts and manages campaigns in a way that’s tailored to any client’s approach. Our software will then filter applicants and store the CVs for your review. Progress can be viewed from your dashboard wherever and whenever.

We understand you want to monitor, track and augment your hiring strategy. That’s why Pipe™ is designed to be easy to use and immediately of benefit.

A human touch

Candidates and clients are aware when they’re dealing with robots. Your recruitment automation software may well speed up your processes, but it can also leave people cold as a result. The fact is, machines can’t detect the nuances in human behaviour to truly decide who is a ‘good fit’.

Technology can’t totally replace people in recruitment. But if we don’t attempt to innovate the industry, we’ll forever have margins of error in placements. So, we combined the two. We employ experts to write your adverts so that they’re on brand
and optimised for search.

Following that, we personally conduct any necessary telephone screenings and can review CVs to reduce as much admin as possible on your side.
Your idea of a quality candidate varies dramatically from that of another organisations – software cannot account for that. At Net-Recruit, using Pioneering People, we can.

Combining tech and human ingenuity

The idea of Pioneering People stemmed from this integrated approach. However, it expanded far beyond that. As a family employment agency in Glossop, we were able to apply the ‘think local’ mindset (giving attention to minute details and building strong client relationships) to an industry that had lost its emphasis on people – in essence,
bringing humanity to rec tech. It became a cultural movement.

At Net-Recruit, it’s our belief that organisations should look to enhance their processes by integrating technology and human expertise. This allows businesses to appear more genuine in their efforts to recruit while keeping pace with tech innovations.
If you’d be interested in becoming a pioneering partner, get in touch now. Our team will be happy to walk you through the benefits of person-led technology and how it can

3 Ways Your Job Search Site Strategy Is Letting You Down

Hosting ads on job search sites is the recruitment equivalent of herding cats. It’s so incredibly time-consuming that you could be forgiven for choosing the first suitable candidate you stumble across. But you’d miss out on the crème de la crème of talent in your sector.

It isn’t just the sheer quantity of available candidates online that’s holding up your hiring – it’s the number of job sites cropping up on an almost monthly basis too. In more sought-after roles, you’ll likely see candidates getting snapped up by competitors before you’ve even had the opportunity to read their profile.

To help ease your search for top-tier talent, we’ve provided this guide to job sites – and how to avoid their common pitfalls.


  1. Ads aren’t being optimised

From both a client and candidate perspective, job ads aren’t always working to effectively represent a vacancy. The issue is that they’re often written by an inundated employer or an internal recruiter that’s unfamiliar with the position, and contain a lot of irrelevant content as a result. 

If the role isn’t a senior position and you’re finding that no one is applying, consider reducing the ‘necessary’ list of must-haves. Ultimately, roles that involve a skill can be taught, so widen the net and hire based on perceived aptitude as opposed to experience.

Similarly, ads that have spelling mistakes or poorly represent the brand through bland descriptions will equally harm your hiring process. Certain vacancies need flair and a tone of voice that resonates with the ideal candidate. After all, the job ad you post may be someone’s first experience of your organisation – make it count.

job search sites

  1. Roles aren’t reaching the right audience

Be conscious of where you’re posting ads. Your perfect candidate might steer clear of certain job search sites if they’re not deemed relevant to their industry.

So do your research. Are there any specialist job boards designed to attract the candidates that would likely apply for your role? An applicant tracking system (ATS) will allow you to track which boards are working more effectively for your roles for this very reason.

However, if your organisation hasn’t invested in an ATS, try tapping into communities on social media. These platforms create a channel for businesses attempting to contact talent based on job role and current job title. In fact, both Facebook and LinkedIn act as a tool for targeting candidates much more effectively than a scattergun approach to job search sites.

  1. The CV-sorting process is taking too long

It can be exhausting for employers or recruiters to sift through the CVs you receive from job search sites, and the time taken during this stage could result in you missing out on key hires.

Candidates go cold, so you’ll need to introduce a system that primes them for your business throughout the application reviewing phase. Your recruitment pipeline will need to be visible in order to effectively prioritise candidates – which is where an ATS proves invaluable.

However, using ATS software often results in the same number of (albeit more relevant) CVs being posted to your inbox. While you have a higher chance of employing suitable talent, you could still lose out on ideal candidates. There needs to be a people-first approach, combining traditional vetting with modern processes.

That’s where Net-Recruit come in. Our team have insider knowledge of the job boards, and they know exactly how to construct an ad that perfectly conveys your brand and resonates with candidates. What’s more, our bespoke Pipe™ ATS will filter applicants – allowing our staff to personally conduct telephone screening if necessary.

We understand that effective recruitment requires modern technology, but nothing replaces human interaction at the screening stage. So if you’d be interested in an integrated approach to recruitment that places people before procedure (and saves you countless hours in selection), get in touch today.

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