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How We Help You To Hire Your Team

Struggling to keep up with all your employment needs? You need a recruiter. The same is true if the candidates you are finding aren’t living up to your expectations.

Trouble is, some recruiters don’t always solve this problem. The candidates they place might not even match up to your list of must-haves, never mind your company culture. 

At Net-Recruit, we make it our number one priority to only field candidates who are perfect for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the recruitment process or, more specifically, a recruiter that merges technological solutions with a human touch, here’s how we work…



We understand your business goals


No recruiter can offer you a legitimate solution unless they fully comprehend what it is that you’re trying to achieve. By that, we mean your objectives, ideal customers and company culture.

It is in this research that your ambition becomes clear and we can then fine-tune our approach so as to only attract those who will add true value to your organisation.



We create a specification with you


From here, we can create a job specification together. We’ll distil your ambition and help you to detail a role that prevents any confusion during the subsequent application process.

Only by doing this in tandem can we ensure that the advertisement best represents your brand and inspires the best candidates to put their CV forward.



We write tailor-made job ads


Here’s where the human element of our service really kicks in. Most recruitment software solutions use algorithms to create their messaging – we don’t.

We know that top-quality candidates can tell an automated message from a real one, and that you want to put across a consistent voice across everything you do. So, we’ll capture every element of your vacancy and the company behind it, and then articulate it in bite-sized job ad chunks.



We suggest a hiring strategy


Once we’ve tweaked the messaging, we’ll start planning the best means of distributing your job adverts and steadily optimising them.

Specifically, we’ll discuss the value of each platform you wish to appear on – from job boards to aggregator sites – and we’ll pinpoint where, when and how your particular ads should appear.



We monitor Pipe™ software


We don’t push your ads out there and hope for the best. We give you accurate reports of the success of each campaign. Using our Pipe™ software, we’re able to monitor the most engaging messages and the job sites that work best for your brand.

Pipe™ is more than applicant tracking software – it’s an insight into who your brand appeals towards and how best you can attract them. We’ll then further hone every message that’s working, and either remove or improve every one that isn’t.

Now, you can sit back and leave the hard work to the team. We’ll review each application by hand and filter through them all according to your brief.Using the feedback of other clients, we’ve managed to turn the industry upside down and become pioneers in recruitment. So why not get in touch and discover how we can put your people first? Simply give us a call on 01457 856 270 or send a message through our contact form.



How To Hire In Engineering Or Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing are two industries often cited as the hardest to employ for. Engineers still remain on the UK skills shortage list, and manufacturing is forever undergoing so many technological advancements that unique abilities are sought after each and every day.

We ensure our placements are bespoke to your needs at Net-Recruit. Combining both applicant tracking software (ATS) and in-house expertise, we capture your brand and distil it in a way that resonates with those in engineering and marketing. So, if you’re looking to do the same, here’s our top three tips. 



  1. Sell yourself


Recruiters will bombard senior engineers at every opportunity. If they wanted to leave their job immediately, there would be no shortage of vacancies available to them. Bear that in mind when you write job ads – lead with the benefits that make you different from everyone else when describing the role.

Be transparent as you do this. Don’t overload your job ad with a list of company perks as a method of hiding the mundane day-to-day responsibilities. Those in manufacturing will want to understand the role in full (and what’s in it for them) before they’ll consider an interview.

In addition, make sure every element of your advert enforces the image you wish to portray. This extends to the job board you’re posting on; if they’re industry-specific, this will imply a level of value.



  1. Be in the right place at the right time


Job boards aren’t all the same. Not only will some members of your target audience not access every board, but some may view certain platforms as more worthy of their experience over others.

At Net-Recruit, for instance, we’ll work with you to pinpoint the channels that are best accessed by your audience beforehand. 

We’ll then review every CV by hand to quicken the onboarding process and keep high-quality candidates engaged with your brand. Senior talent will drop out of your pipeline if you’re not seen to be responsive, after all. We’ll use our Pipe™ ATS software to track, monitor and keep on top of things.

Throughout, we’ll use your tone of voice as an indicator of office culture and filter out those who aren’t a strong fit. 




  1. Tighten your interviewing process


Now you’ve got the pool of candidates you had hoped for, you’ll need an interview process that doesn’t send applicants running the other way. Again, be quick in your decisions but also appear knowledgeable (and interested) in their experience.

Enquire about specialist skill sets and ask questions that are tailored to each specific interview as opposed to generic competency-based ones. This is also your chance to explain the tools and processes that may be unique to you, and how their role interacts with the wider business.

Measure a cultural fit all the while. Those in senior positions may need to manage a team or deal with suppliers, so be sure to get a gauge of their personality and how well they’d work in your team.

Sound complicated? Well, we’ve got just the solution. We understand that repeating this process again and again, throughout the growth of your organisation, could massively impede your development. So, we’ve created a software that allows us to monitor your campaigns in real time. 

We complement this with a human touch – creating ads that resonate and even conducting telephone screening if you need it. Simply get in touch today. A member of our team will guide you through the process and demonstrate how we can help you put people first.

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