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First Thoughts On Zopim – Our New Interactive Online Chat Tool

Zopim an online interactive chat system One of the most amazing things about the internet is the ability to chat with people across the globe.

To be able to chat instantly to our friends and family is so important in our busy lives. How did we all manage before the invention of the mobile phone?

It is particularly invaluable in the business world. To be able to instantly interact with customers visiting your website, in real time, is something that can be hugely beneficial.

An online chat service attached to your website not only allows you to instantly engage with a potential new client but also answer any questions they have without them having to pick up the phone.

We have been looking for a chat solution for a while. Interacting with our customers was probably the main reason for this and we have decided to try using an online chat service on our website called Zopim. It is a simple live chat widget that lets us talk directly to our online customers giving them the opportunity to communicate with us in an easy, no-pressure way. Any queries can then be answered which we hope will increase our chances of a sale.

So far our experience with Zopim the online interactive chat tool has been extremely positive!

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