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What exactly is a ‘dream job’?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucius (Chinese philosopher, moral thinker and all-around wise dude)

A chinese fisher - surely a dream job, look at the mountains?Including the daily commute to and from work, the average person will spend up to 25% of their entire life working. With such a monumental figure in mind, it would make sense to end up in a job you love, surely?

As each individual is different, defining the ‘dream job’ is a tough demand but it could revolve around some of the following criteria:

  • Increased happiness – not quite skipping to the office,  but actually wanting to get out of bed in the morning to go to work.
  • A daily challenge – to stimulate the ever demanding cognitive functions our  possess, we need to continually satisfy them with and adequate amount of challenging tasks each day.
  • Greater satisfaction – doing something you love each day can give you a greater feeling of self worth and accomplishment.
  • Increased productivity – as with the above, if you’re doing something you love each day chances are you will be doing it twice as effectively and more efficiently than something you despise!
  • Financial rewards – people can camouflage this one up with a variety of beliefs and moral high ground stances, but we all know deep down that ‘money makes the world go round…’. Thus a job with a handsome paycheck can help to soften the blow of a daily commute and even help towards your next trip to the algarve.
  • Better sleep patterns and health – it’s common knowledge that taking the stresses and worries of your work home with you is not a healthy habit(unless you’re a decorator or a chef perhaps?). Not only can it affect your family life, but it can also have a serious effect on your sleep patterns and in turn, you health as a whole! There is likely to be none (or very little) of this when you’re in a job you love.
  • Less hours/better location – not everyone is inspired by the 9-5 rigmarole, or perhaps your commitments dictate a 4 hour day or  that you work from home? Ideally, you might be moving to a new town to find work and need a position which suits. Therefore, a job you love could simply be a case of one which suits your lifestyle and commitments.
  • Better relationships with co-workers – there is simply nothing worse than a frosty relationship with a co-worker! It can cause all sorts of problems and rifts within the workplace and get you down each day. It doesn’t always have to be this way though…

If you’re reading this article then its more than likely that you’re stuck in a dead end job that you hate and are actively searching for a new job – if so, why not send us your C.V. to see if we have any positions which may be of interest to you? Also, we’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below about  what your think is the ‘dream job’…

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