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Make the most of your CV

Here at Net-Recruit we receive and read 100’s of candidate CVs every day.

With the rise in online applications it is more important than ever to make sure your CV is the best that it can be, as this is your first opportunity to showcase yourself.

The big issues that make us want to tear our hair out in frustration at some of the quality of cvs that we read in our office are:

  1. Not tailoring your application to the position that you have applied for. Try to include references to your experience that match the requirements of the job being advertised.
  2. Endlessly long cover letters that are in fact information that is already included in your CV – the more concise the cover letter, the better.
  3. Please don’t state in the first sentence that you have no experience for the position that you have applied for. You may have other qualities that may be just as relevant.
  4. We don’t mind seeing your photo if you have one on your CV, but please, not family pets even if they are cute!
  5. Ensure that it is your’ CV that you have attached/uploaded, not this week’s shopping list or complaint to the local council – yes this has happened!
  6. Please let us know your location. If the position is based in London and you live in Edinburgh let us know that you would be willing to relocate, it’s a long commute! Equally important if you live outside the UK.
  7. Not putting any contact details on. Can your new potential employer contact you without one?
  8. Explaining why you left or are leaving your current employer. Your new employer doesn’t need to know that the ‘pay was too low’ etc… but be prepared to answer the question if it comes up in an interview.
  9. You may be ‘saucysuzy@…. ‘to your friends, but a more professional email address may be more appropriate when trying to impress your future employer.
  10. And finally, don’t forget to spell check your CV – we like good spelling and punctuation.

Now all that’s sorted we would love to receive your CV.

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    Our First Blog…

    This is our first company blog… EVER!

    We are a friendly and experienced team based in Derbyshire who have been helping HR managers and businesses recruit staff for a low cost flat
    fee since 2005.

    We’re all about simplicity and make the process hassle free.

    Our Service :

    • We advertise your vacancy on all the best job boards and online newspapers for 4 weeks.
    • We screen and filter all applications for you to give you the best CVs.
    • We search online CV databases and Linkedin.
    • We save you time.
    • We save you money.
    • We welcome any position from any sector with any skill-set.
    • We charge per campaign not per hire, therefore you can recruit as many people per campaign as you wish for one low flat-fee.
    • All you have to do is decide which candidates you would like to interview from the carefully filtered CVs we send to you. Simple .

    The service we provide works in 5 simple steps:

    1. Submit the details of your vacancy to us online.
    2. The advert is designed and sent to you for approval.
    3. Once you are happy with the designed advert give us the go ahead and we can make the vacancy live within the hour on all the UK’s leading job boards.
    4. We screen and filter all applications for you.
    5. We send you the best CV’s matched to your specific criteria.

    We currently offer 3 recruitment campaigns for you to choose from. Bronze , Gold and Platinum.

    Should you not fill your vacancy we will continue to advertise your vacancy for a further 4 weeks free of charge.

    Well, that’s the first one done ! It is the nuts and bolts of our simple low cost flat fee recruitment service.

    Future blogs will be more interesting ! Promise 😉

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